Author: Baylee White Blog

Welcome to the beautifully manicured 'Garden City'. This hip city is very modern with the re-build fully underway, with a lot of key projects for the city now complete. It's now becoming a destination people now want to explore because of its new-ness, with buildings incorporating fancy glass facades with neat interiors and some world-class shops to go with, the re-build has refreshed the city and has given it a new vibe.  

9AM: Good morning! 

Wakey wakey sleepy head. It's time to get crackalackin, so jump outta that comfy bed and go and get some brekkie in ya belly. Or, if you're the fitness traveller, go for a nice stroll beforehand in the beautiful and big Hagley Park and Botanic Gardens, full of life in the morning with joggers, yoga classes and with rugby/cricket matches taking place left, right and hopefully, not centre, or else you may get tackled or a cricket ball in the unmentionables. Back to brekkie, head on down to Ilex Cafe within the park. Serving up fresh crumpets and banana bread, along with delicious pantry food and desserty delights. They serve a nice brew too. One spot not to be missed. 


Spend the rest of your morning at the art gallery to admire the many pieces throughout, or take yourself for a street art walk and explore the murals painted on the sides of derelict buildings. 

12PM: Midday 

Get in your car and go exploring around the city fringe, exploring the suburbs of Sumner and New Brighton, both on the coast and both featuring boutique shopping. You never quite realise what a city is all about by just sticking to the CBD (aka city centre), so it's advisable to get out and explore. Head out on the long New Brighton pier and grab your phone or camera and get snappin' for the 'gram! 


3pm: Good Afternoon 

Head back to the inner city and explore all that it has to offer. With cafes, eateries and bars popping up all over the show, Christchurch is fast becoming a foodie city. Go for a tram ride around the city centre, through the famous, Spanish influenced New Regent Street. Once you're finished with the tram, experience a different mode of transport and go for a fun, Venetian-style punt down the Avon River! 


7PM: Good evening 

After spending the afternoon exploring, head back into town to Mexicano's! Grab a margarita, some soft shell tacos and soak in the atmosphere. How good? So good. After dinner, have a cheeky nightcap or two at the nearest pub, which there are a few to choose from in the city.  

10AM: Good morning... Again! 

Get ready for a day full of activities and some driving! Get into your rental and head on off to the small port of Christchurch called Lyttelton. This 20 minute drive will have you from sprawling city, to sprawling bay in a jiffy. The port is a quaint place and probably one of the most open and utilised ports in the country. Have your brunch here and sip on a hot tea or coffee watching the big boats haul their loads in. Roots, Shroom Room and the Lyttleton Coffee Company are the best cafes to plonk yourself for a quick eat and go, with most having stunning views out over the harbour. A peaceful beginning to your day out and about. 


12pm: Midday 

Take your time and drive an hour and a bit South-East to Akaroa. This French township is absolutely magnifique with its many lunch spots and fine cheeses (of course!). It may be small but this place is very popular with travellers, especially in the summertime with the dolphins visiting along with some whales. Sea life flourishes in this spot and the town embraces its laid-back style. Explore the town on foot and head down to the wharf. You'll be sure to notice the many French street names like Rue Lavaud, who needs to go all the way to France when you can hop to Akaroa? 


7pm: Good Evening 

It's your last evening in our chic city, so let's make it a goodie! Go to the Port Hills and catch a cable car/ gondola up to Mt Pleasant, very pleasant indeed with magnificent views spanning across the sparkling city, out over the Lyttleton harbor and as far North as Pegasus beach. The 1km ride to the summit is relaxing and you'll get to experience an interactive insight that tells you the history of Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury Region. Once at the top, almost 500m above sea level, go outside and breathe in that fresh New Zealand air, then enjoy some food at Pinnacle restaurant where the menu is A La Carte. Once dinner is finished, make your way back down and get some good rest before your next journey begins!  

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