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Classic New Zealand Roadie's

New Zealand is actually, believe it or not, quite a sizable landmass. It's also very hilly, which means the roads have curves. Therefore, it takes a...

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New Zealand on a budget

New Zealand can be pretty expenny for a trip overseas, but with a little effort and penny pinching tactics, you can sniff out the bargain activities...

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Queenstown Pub Crawl

Queenstown is a buzzing, vibrant place and there are visitors aplenty. The social vibe is excellent and when there's alcohol involved, everyone's a little more confident...

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48 Hours in Queenstown

Welcome to beautiful Queenstown! Quite unlike any other town in Aotearoa, where the air is fresh and crisp. This novel little piece of paradise, located in...

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Must do activities of New Zealand

There's plenty to keep you occupied when visiting our shores. New Zealand caters for every type of traveler, from those seeking adventure, adrenaline inducing activities, to...

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