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New Zealand in 3 weeks

We can guarantee this will be the quickest 3 weeks of your life. 3 memorable weeks that'll you'll never forget. We're going to give you an itinerary that'll make...

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48 Hours in Christchurch

Welcome to the beautifully manicured 'Garden City'. This hip city is very modern with the re-build fully underway, with a lot of key projects for the city now complete. It's...

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Top 10 eateries in Christchurch

Christchurch is a vastly different city to what it was pre-earthquake. With a rebuilt landscape and modern architecture, quirky, chic restaurants are now popping up all...

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48 Hours in Auckland

Yay, you made it! Welcome to the big smoke of the South Pacific. Just here for a stop-off to go and explore the rest of the...

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Wellington cafe snooze

Top 10 eateries in Wellington

Wellington is full of delish delights. It has a hip and trendy restaurant scene and is ever-evolving with its unique creations. The city is renowned for quite possibly serving the best coffee...

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