Author: Charli Bateson Blog

If you're planning a trip to New Zealand, it's always handy to know a few things before you depart for your journey! We've done the hard work for you and collated 20 things you need to know, so you're prepped and ready to jump on the plane. 

First things first:

Learn that the word 'Kiwi ' has 3 meanings, that being a Kiwifruit, a Kiwi (person), or... a Kiwi (the national bird and icon of the country).  

Don't get confused:

Drive on the left, walk on the left.  

This is quite important:

Domino's pizza is cheap, and great for those nights you don't want to cook but don't want to splurge on dinner.  

in case you were wondering:

You don't necessarily need to wear shoes.  

Be prepared:

Always bring a jacket, no matter how sunny it may seem.  

do some research:

Learn a little about the glorious sport of Rugby Union, the country cares about it a lot.  

just so you know:

The Prime Minister (and Disk Jockey) is Jacinda Ardern. If you have a problem, messenger her.  

it's okay:

Casual swearing is acceptable if acting in a polite manner.  

take note:

You can drink the water straight out of some of the rivers/lakes. All of the tap water is drinkable.  

Also very important:

Do not mistake NZ as a state of Australia, or worse, a New Zealander for an Australian. This will not make you any friends.  

yes, you're hilarious:

Don’t make any Hobbit or sheep jokes. We've heard them all before, they're still not funny and you'll get 'the look' from many surrounding peeps should you decide that you're an A-class comedian.  

just in case:

ALWAYS carry with you a bottle of Watties Tomato Sauce. It goes perfectly with any meat and especially a pie, which you may grow addicted to when visiting. 

kiwi slang:

Calling someone a cousin, aunty or uncle doesn't necessarily mean we're related to them, it's slang for a good friend or mate. 

write it down:

The emergency number is 111, but hopefully you won't have to use it!  


Wear sunscreen in the summertime, minimum factor 30, or you'll end up looking like a lobster in 10 minutes.  

when driving:

Always keep in the left hand lane, unless overtaking on a highway. 


Nothing can kill you animal-wise, unlike our Australian cousins and if you see a snake, report it immediately.   

Just Another Handy Tip

The Southern and North-Western Motorways in Auckland are best to avoid at 4/5 o' clock on a weekday.  

Possibly The most Important Thing...

You won't be further away than 10km's from a bakery.  

Last But Not Least

Remember that our vowels in NZ are almost like a whole new language, e's are i's, i's are u's, a's are e's and so on....take a look at our kiwi slang blog to get a heads up on our lingo. 

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