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How on Earth did the English language get so complicated? Well, I can't really answer that. What I do know is that the Brits speak like a pack of pigeons, the Australians speak like a seagull, the Yanks are simply loud and the Canadians are as confused by vowels almost as much as we are! We just speak like a normal, polished person. I lie, there's a few twangs. By a few, I mean a tonne. We give you the introductory dictionary of Kiwiland

1. 'Sweet As'

A common expression used daily by many New Zealanders. You may feel as though the persons just left you hangin'. Sweet as what you wonder? It's not just 'sweet', it's 'sweet as', a better version. This means that everything's cool, good, great, superb, splendid.  

2. 'The Tron'

An overly-reputable city in New Zealand called Hamilton, 'City of the future'… apparently. When people talk about this, just laugh in response. 

3. 'Pants' 

Not to be confused with woman's underwear – pants are our version of 'trousers'. One thing you'll learn in NZ is that some words can have the same meaning and pants refers to all things 'panty'.  

4. 'Togs'

I can understand why this is confusing to an outsider. What the hell is it?! Swimwear of course. So when you're on your way down to visit our shores in the summertime, remember to bring the togs!

5. 'Kia Ora'  

'Hello' in Maori. 

6. 'Gumboots' And 'Jandals'

Both are colloquial, loveable Kiwi icons. The Gumboot is not some type of gummy candy, it's simply your wellies or Wellington Boots to use the proper term. Jandal is your equivalent of a flip-flop or thong (ask the Aussie's for their answer on thongs!).  

7. 'Lollies'

Not candy on a stick, simply a candy. Or if it's a Brit reading this, it's sweets, not lollies as you know 'em. 

8. 'Tomato Sauce'

Pretty self explanatory really, it's like ketchup but a lot more tolerable and not as salty.  

9. 'Dairy'

It's your one-stop-shop for all of life's necessities, for all those forgotten items at the supermarket, it's... the convenience store or corner shop 

10. 'Yeah Nah'

This is a true-blue Kiwi phrase. 'Yeah nah' is simply being indecisive, but usually meaning 'no'.   

11. 'Taking The Piss'

A bit crude, I know, but it simply means that 'you're joking'.  

12. 'Eh'

What is this even? People use this expression when wanting someone else to agree with what they just said, example A: Billy says 'Hamilton is kinda alright, eh bro?'. Or 'eh' can simply mean 'pardon me?'.  

13. 'Hard Out'

In full agreeance with what the other person just said. Example A: Billy says 'I feel like New Zealand is the best country in the world', 'Yeah hard out bro, same' replies Johnny.  

14. 'Chips'

Another one of those words where in NZ it has the same meaning/principle, a 'chip' is both a French fry and potato chip. Kiwi's are big fans of em', I know I certainly am.  

15. 'Chilly Bin'

Australians, I'm talking directly to you. An 'Eesski'? What?! It doesn't even explain what the contraption is. A chilly bin explains perfectly what the thing is meant for.. Chilling stuff. Get it?   

So that's about it folks, see we're pretty normal eh? There'll be lots of different other oddities that you'll pick up on your adventures but you should be sweet as. Just know that Kiwi's are a friendly bunch and will happily repeat or explain themselves if necessary, whilst having a sly giggle at the same time.   

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