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Queenstown is a buzzing, vibrant place and there are visitors aplenty. The social vibe is excellent and when there's alcohol involved, everyone's a little more confident of themselves, naturally. So if you're planning a night on the town, we've got you covered with our list of the best pubs, bars and cubs to hit so that you have a night you'll never forget ... or might in some cases. Drink responsibly kids! 

1. 1876 

Let's get down to the serious business straight away folks with the epic bar that is 1876. Happy hour is from 4-6pm and it's always jammy-packed. They play good music too and it's a neat atmosphere to meet other bods if you're the social type. If you're not, that's what the happy hour's for. Mulled wines are $5 (if you haven't tried one, then it's a must!) and with specialty cocktails, this place goes off!  

2. Minus 5 degree bar 

Yes, that's right party people, a bar that is completely made of ice, it is one of the coolest experiences in Queenstown! The glasses you drink out of, the seats you sit on and the amazing sculptures are completely made of ice. So dress up like an eskimo, party hard and dance until you work up a sweat. The vibe's great (and the cocktails), along with the service. A must-visit if you're after a chill night out - CHILL - see what I did there? 

3. Zephyr  

Located on Searle Lane, Zephyr is a comfy, rustic bar that has an indie-rock atmosphere, with live music showcasing some of the region's best local talent. This bar was conceptualized by rescuing materials that came from the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. Pumping from 7pm-4am, turning from a bar in the evening to a bustling club in the early hours, it's a lot of fun and a great night out with a group of mates.

4. Habana Boutique Rum Bar 

It's all in the name ... with over 70 varieties of rum on the bar menu, this is one for the rum-lovers! If you're not a fan, choose from their delicious cocktail menu - think summery mojito's and pineapple daiquiri's to sip the night away. This cosy bar will transport you from Queenstown to the undiscovered streets of Cuba. If you're looking for a hideaway from the rest of the hustle and bustle of Queenstown, this is your spot.

5. Pub on Wharf  

Pub on Wharf is owned by the iconic New Zealand brewery that is Mac's.Perched on the edge of Lake Wakatipu, the pub offers your typical bar drinks and nibbly's. Another great meeting spot after a long day out on the slopes, ease into your long evening here before hitting the nightclubs.  

6. Little Blackwood 

A classy establishment, Blackwood is not one to miss if you're after the best cocktails Queenstown has to offer. The décor here is top-notch, the service even better and the cheese platters are popular, along with the sliders. Mulled wines and espresso martini's fly out the door - not literally thank goodness! The views are spectacular with a stunning view of The Remarkables mountain range and they also hold live music five nights a week, almost guaranteeing a memorable time!

7. Barmuda 

Barmuda is great because it gives you the best of both worlds, whether you're wanting to party hard, or just wanting to have a decent conversation with mates, this bar suits all moods. This is a nice place to prepare for your long evening that awaits. Beautifully designed with a plush lounge, warm fireplace and open courtyard, it's the ultimate spot to have early, or late night cocktails, which are delish.  

8. Bardeaux 

Bardeaux is an old, western-style cozy bar with roaring fires for those chilly winter nights! With an extensive range of liquor, there's more than enough to keep you merry after a day in the great outdoors! Bardeaux feels like you're in one of those quintessentially American bars from a thriller film. The ambience is great, tucked away between Searle Lane and The Mall, it's quaint but definitely worth a drinky or two!  

9. Surreal 

Party people, this is where all the night-owls are after 1am. Great music from local and international acts, with anything from electro, rock and jazz, this place will be sure to have you pumped and dancing your little socky's off. Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, virtually any type of alcohol can be found at this nightclub and if you're in need of a pre-hangover feed, they do some good meals too.  

10. miss lucy's pizzeria & bar

A hop, skip and jump upstairs from JUCY Snooze Queenstown, Miss Lucy's is a quirky rooftop bar with epic views over Lake Wakatipu! Enjoy local brews, New Zealand wines and the tasty woodfired pizzas on offer. Hang out in the more relaxed lounge area, be in on the action up at the bar, or soak up the views from the balcony. Miss Lucy's also hosts regular events, like their Monday Quiz Nights, Woodfired Wings night and their Cocktail Night. This is one bar you can't miss during your trip!

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