Author: Drew Pennell Blog

If you're heading over to New Zealand for your gap year, or moving over permanently, there are some important things to consider and keep in mind before the big move! We've put together a list of things you'll need to think about before grabbing your suitcase to start packing. 


Do you wanna spend your days off frolicking in the ocean or exploring the great outdoors? Picking where you live will likely affect your job and housing situation, but what you do in your free time is also important. If you're after the best of both worlds, the South Island has snow in the winter but it gets pretty hot in the summer. What you like to do in your spare time and where you'd like to explore makes this choice a bit easier. Surf and sand up top, snow and the slopes down below! 

2. travelling home for holidays

Remember to keep in mind that New Zealand is sort of isolated and that you're likely to want to visit friends and family at home every once in a while! The olgluteus maximus will have to get used to being sat on if you want to travel anywhere long-haul, however Australia and the Pacific Islands are only a hop, skip and jump away! 

3. Culture Shock! 

The biggest of them all to consider when moving. Although we're an English speaking country, our vibe may still freak you out! Kiwi's are a pretty chill bunch and nothing is really much of a problem. Kiwi's are real, they like being straightforward, but manners are of utmost importance, saying your simple P's and Q's will get you a long way, even if you don't mean it, but I hope you would!  

4. Homesickness 

Carrying on from culture shock, homesickness is the next stage of "oh my gosh what have I just done?!" Staying in regular contact with your friends and family via good ol' social media and Skype helps, along with signing yourself up with new activities and getting out in to the community to meet people. 

5. Make Some Buddies

Following on from homesickness, the next best cure is to go out there and make some friends, more particularly friends that hail from your own motherland. You'll learn how their journey has been so far and they'll give you some more handy coping tips on settling in. Or if you don't like your own countrymen, diversify and spread those social wings, it could open you up to new opportunities and your Insta will burst with new followers. It's a win-win, less homesickness, more followers. I'm a genius.  

6. Think About it ... Deeply. Pro's V Con's!

Sometimes you can't beat a good pro's v con's list! Think about what you want to do in the next few years and if you consider travelling, meeting new people or stepping outside your comfort zone important, making the big move might be for you! Talk it out with your friends and family, think about your finances, skills and job prospects and how to make your dream a reality.  

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