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Ever wondered what it's like to stay in a JUCY pod? Our friends in Asia came up with the concept but we've bought our very own sleeping pods to New Zealand! They're a New Zealand first and are fun, unique and affordable. Relax at our Christchurch Airport property and have a snooze in a pod after a long flight, or stay in Central Queenstown with the must-do activities at your fingertips! Read on below for the pros and cons of staying in a JUCY pod and some of our most frequently asked questions.


There are many pros of snuggling up in a JUCY pod, but we don't have enough time to go through them all! We've pulled together some of the best reasons why you should stay in a JUCY pod next time you're popping by Christchurch or Queenstown.

1. Your own space, when you want it

With bucket loads of privacy, you can choose to chat with your new pod mates in your room or close the blind for a good night's sleep! The privacy blind means that you can socialise when you want to, and don't have to when you're not in the mood. 


2. All the mod-cons

Our pods are kitted out with everything you need while travelling; a mirror, reading light, fan, USB charging ports, storage space for your valuables, the list goes on ... Your phone will always be charged and you'll be able to check your hair in the mirror each morning before saying hello to the world. It's a win-win!

3. secure

One thing you don't want to have to worry about when you're travelling is the safety and security of your belongings. Never fear, each pod room door is lockable and only accessible with a swipe key card! Underneath each pod is a storage locker with a pin code, your suitcase or backpack's new home while you're at JUCY. 


4. value for money

A JUCY pod is different to your normal bunk room and offers a lot more too! Our pod rooms are set up with 8 pods, so you'll have plenty of new mates to explore and adventure with. As well as all the mod-cons, our clean shared bathroom facilities will ensure your pod mates aren't wondering who hasn't showered, you can cook up a storm in our guest kitchen and hang out in our common areas. 


As much as we love our pods, they might not be for everyone!

1. Not a dorm room

Our JUCY pods start at a mere $35 a night, so are slightly more expensive than your average dorm bunk room. The amenities, features and facilities more than make up for it though, is there anything better than being able to roll out of bed, say hi to your new neighbours and cook up some delicious chocolate chip pancakes in the shared kitchen?

2. Noise

As you're still in a shared room, there will be a minimal level of noise from your pod mates. Just think of it as a giant slumber party and make some new friends during your travels!

Frequently asked Questions:

We've done the hard yakker for you and compiled some of our most frequently asked questions so you don't have to go searching through the web! If we've left a question unanswered, head over to our Facebook or Instagram and message us, or go old school and email our JUCY crew or pick up the phone.

four-pod-room-at-jucy-snooze-christchurch 1. Can I book a pod room for myself and a group of friends?

Yes you can! Just book your pods at the same time in one booking to ensure you're allocated together. Alternatively, if there's 6 of you travelling, book an entire 8-pod room and have the extra beds to yourselves and some extra storage space. If you're unsure about anything at the time of booking, just call or email our Christchurch or Queenstown teams and they'll be able to help you out!

2. What comes with a JUCY pod?

Your JUCY pod comes with linen, a mattress, a pillow, mirror, reading light, USB charging ports and a privacy blind. Towels are not provided with a pod, but just pop along to Reception and chat to our JUCY Crew to hire one.

3. Do I need to make my own bed?

Our pods are already made up for you! Turn up, check-in, say hi to your new pals in the pod next door and have a snooze.

4. Are there laundry and kitchen facilities available to pod guests?

Yes, our shared laundry and kitchenette are free to use for all pod guests in Christchurch and Queenstown. Our laundry is kitted out with self-service washing machines, dryers and ironing boards, just don't forget your coins! The shared kitchenette is equipped with everything you need to unleash your inner masterchef.

5. Are they mixed gender or single sex rooms?

Single sex pod rooms are available to book for females at both properties, just select this room type when you book! Our standard pod rooms are mixed gender.

6. Where do I store my belongings in a pod room?

A secure locker is located beneath your pod, so chuck your kit and kaboodle in there and head off on your day of adventures! When you arrive you'll be prompted to set up a unique pin code, just don't forget what combination you've selected otherwise you'll be in strife!

7. Is a pod soundproof?

Our pods are cosy and secure, however we can't guarantee they are fully soundproof due to the opening for the privacy blind. To unwind and fully escape from the world, turn on full relaxation mode with an eye-mask or ear plugs if you're a light sleeper. If you have epic pod mates that are hilarious, just think of it as a fun slumber party!

8. How many people can stay in a pod?

Each JUCY pod comfortably sleeps one person and this is the maximum. Sorry couples, you won't be able to book one pod for two people!

Now that you're an expert on JUCY pods, what are you waiting for? Book Now!