Author: Baylee White Blog

It's the age old dilemma of packing and the tough decision between travelling with a backpack, or going with arguably the more convenient option, the suitcase. If you don't plan before you pack, it can effect your entire trip, especially when you can't find exactly what you're looking for! Travelling with a suitcase is often considered more convenient, however some destinations are just easier to navigate with a backpack in hand! Consider this your guide to choosing the right pack for your next adventure.

Why you should travel with a backpack:

1. Easier to carry

If you’re travelling to destinations with unsealed roads and you’re jumping on and off trains and buses, your backpack will be your best friend! Despite the fact you can’t keep any of your t-shirts neatly folded without creasing, the many handy pockets in the modern backpack will mean that (if you’re well organized), everything is generally within easy reach. As well as being easier to carry, the modern backpack can also substitute as an awesome pillow (perfect for those overnight bus trips!)

2. Easier to fit in storage lockers

One of the most important things to consider while selecting your bag is where you’re going to store it during your adventures and what type of accommodation you’ll be staying in. If you’ve booked one of our JUCY Pods, you're staying in dorm rooms or camping, a backpack will comfortably fit into the storage lockers provided. If you’re travelling around in a JUCY car or campervan, a backpack also won’t mind if it’s chucked in the backseat or subjected to a small corner!

3. Often more lightweight

Another factor to keep in mind when you’re packing is how heavy your bag is and how easy it will be to carry through airports and train stations. The modern backpack is designed to be lightweight, and because you are restricted by size and only pack what you’ll need, it’ll be lighter as well. A win-win in our eyes! 

Why you should travel with a suitcase:

1. Easier to transport (on flat surfaces!)

If you’re travelling somewhere with good roads, infrastructure and lifts, then choosing a suitcase will be the best decision you’ve ever made! With the handy wheels and ability to roll it through airport terminals, a suitcase will serve you well and won’t let you down. If you’re walking long distances to the bus terminal or to find an Uber, a suitcase won’t hurt your back and will only get easier to tow behind you.

2. Clothes and belongings are easier to find

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of taking a suitcase travelling is how easy it is to compartmentalize your belongings and find things easily. Rushing to check-out at reception and trying to find your headphones for the long flight home? A suitcase really won’t let you down. With different pockets and storage sections on the inside, it doesn’t get much better!

3. More durable and sturdy

Okay, so this point applies to hard-shell suitcases. If you’re a traveller who’s concerned about your bag breaking, a hard suitcase will keep those precious belongings safe. If you’re worried about theft, go for a lockable suitcase! Another handy tip is to buy a brightly coloured luggage strap or ribbon to tie around your suitcase so you know exactly which one is yours on the airport conveyor belt! 

The decision between a backpack and a suitcase isn’t easy, and will often depend on how long you’re travelling for, the destinations you’re visiting, and your main mode of transport but taking the time to make the right decision will definitely make your life easier while exploring the world! If you’re off on an intrepid adventure and hiking through the Himalayas, than a backpack will suffice, but if you’re someone who’s concerned about lifting and carrying bags, a suitcase will be your best mate. Just remember, have fun, be prepared and pack thoughtfully, and have an epic adventure!

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