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Queenstown is an awesome slice of paradise to spend a weekend away. Quite unlike any other city in New Zealand, where the air is fresh and crisp. Located in the hilly landscape of the Southern Alps, there's plenty to do and see and quite frankly, a weekend is never long enough! We've rounded up the best things to eat, do and see for a weekend getaway. 

Good morning! 

Isn't it a glorious Saturday morning?! To fuel you for a day of adventures, choose from one of Queenstown's many eateries for brunch. Miss Lucy's and Jo's Garage are two epic options that won't break the bank. The bacon butty's at Miss Lucy's are a must-eat, along with a hot coffee whilst admiring the view of the lake from the rooftop. With vegetarian options too, you really can't go wrong. For more recommendations on eateries click here. 


explore arrowtown

After a scrumptious breakfast, you'll be itching to get out and explore. Head out to the quaint settlement of Arrowtown. Dating back to the gold rush era, Arrowtown's historic buildings and lanes are home to many quirky stores and eateries. Wander along the historic Chinese Settlement trail, where prospectors were panning for hold back in the days along the Arrow River. Pop in to Chop shop Food Merchants for a bite to eat, of if you're after something sweet, visit the Remarkable Sweet Shop or Patagonia Chocolates. 

get out on the water

If you're after a relaxing afternoon, head down to Queenstown's waterfront along the lake and head out on the water for a scenic steamboat ride. You'll see the area from a different perspective and discover Lake Wakatipu, which spans 80 kilometres and sits at an altitude of 310 metres, falling 70 metres below sea level. The journey will take you around Cecil Peak and around the Ben Lomond hills. It'll take the best part of around an hour to an hour and a half. Once back in town, it'll be nearly drinks o' clock, so head into The Ballarat Trading Co for a drink or two before dinner.


it's time for dinner

Watch the sun set over the massive peaks and get ready for a dinner. If you're after casual, go to Lone Star or Flame. Both are very much for the meat lovers and boy is it succulent goodness! Ribs galore with a tongue tingling sweet, tangy BBQ glaze sauce. If you're after a meal that's yummy and won't break the bank, head back to Miss Lucy's Rooftop Pizzeria & Bar, grab a few pizzas and beers and watch the sun go down. Or, if you're after something more fancy, Madam Woo's Asian fusion restaurant is an awesome option. Blue Kanu and Jervois Steak House are other classics, the former producing a Pacifica-inspired meal and the latter specializing in the best cuts of meat, cooked to your liking. After dinner, finish your evening with a few nightcaps before you hit the sheets.  

Good morning... Again! 

Open those crusty eyes and get ready for the big day ahead! Fuel up for another big day ahead with the egg's benny, big breakfast or buttermilk pancake from Toro's Kitchen in Queenstown Mall. Grab a coffee to go and drive out to Kawarau Bridge. Why are we driving to a bridge you ask? Well, because it's the home to the bungy! A weekend getaway in Queenstown isn't complete without doing one (even if you've done one before). It's like a ritual! Once you've worked up the courage, take your leap of faith! You won't regret it! Now that you're all warmed up, head back into town for a bite to eat, then some more fun!  



If you're after something quick and convenient, pop down to Erik's Fish & Chips on the waterfront. If you're feeling a bit seedy after the bungy, postpone lunch and grab a bite to eat later! After lunch, drive around the lake down to Glenorchy, a beautiful township. With epic scenery, you'll be in awe of the clear blue lake and incredible mountain views on the drive out. 

pop up to the skyline

Once back from your little excursion, it's time to do some more adrenaline inducing activities. Head up Brecon Street, to the Skyline gondola. The steep ascent up Bob's Peak itself can be terrifying for those afraid of heights, but the views are worth it! Once up above the town, take in the glorious views and make sure that phone/camera is charged to the max! Go and do the most family-fun activity; the Luge, a go-kart like activity, except with no motor, having a push and pull system for braking and speeding up. All of the courses include twists and turns, upsies and downsies, with tracks for beginners, intermediates and advanced. Begin softly and then go as hard as you like if you're the competitive type. 


say farewell!

Your weekend getaway is soon coming to an end and you'll sadly be heading for the airport soon. On your last evening, stay up Bob's Peak and enjoy a nice dinner watching out over Queenstown, seeing the sparkling, shimmering lightsWatch the sun go down and then head on down the gondola. Once back in the township, I say go big or go home already. You're in party mode, so let us drink! The best pub crawl can be found here. Remember to set that alarm if you have an early morning departure, or ask for a wake-up call just in case! By the end of this short stay, it's most likely you'll want to stay longer, so do it! If you're leaving this piece of paradise, well, expect to see it again soon because you've had such an epic time!

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