Author: Charli Bateson Blog

These seven ‘store cupboard’ hero's will literally save any dish from being bland and become something all of your other hostel kitchen dwellers will be jealous of! It's no secret that some simple ingredients can transform a dish so read on and stock up.


I know, a good olive oil does seem a little excessive and not to mention, heavy, whilst you’re lugging around your backpack, but this my friend is a must have! There’s nothing like a bit of olive oil coming to the rescue on that sad looking salad you’ve made, or for stir frying your meat and veggies to get them all yummy and golden. Go on, treat yourself, you’ll thank us!


Technically two items yes, but they go together like peas in a pod, so we’re classing them as one! A basic seasoning for any dish you make, this is one we couldn’t live without!


Everyone knows that garlic makes everything taste good and these little beauties mean you can have all the garlic your heart desires, without having to spend an age chopping up fresh garlic when there’s no garlic crusher in sight.


A small tub of butter is always a saviour when you find you’ve run out of olive oil, just plop a bit in your pan and who’s laughing now?! Also, toast without butter is just plain wrong. Butter does obviously have to be stored in the fridge so when it's time to pack up and hit the road, leave it for your fellow backpackers and pay it forward in the free food basket! 

5. JAM

Jam, glorious jam!! If you’re anything like us, your brekkie isn’t complete without a little jam on your toast, plus when you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, a spoonful is all you need to keep that craving at bay…just me?!


This perfect blend of spices can be bought in a handy little jar and is sure to tickle your taste buds! Add it to chicken and peppers and you have fajitas, liven up some rice and beans or add it to a tin of tomatoes and some veggies and your one pot goes from boring to delightful in 5 seconds!


Soy sauce is cheap and lasts forever, so when you’re living on rice and noodles you can't forgo this! Pop some into your stir fry long with the aforementioned garlic granules and you’ll be winning at life. 

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