New Zealand Directions Sign

Author: Drew Pennell Blog

Let's be honest here, New Zealand isn't the easiest country to get to (let's hear it for long flights) and many travellers visit in the Summer and Winter months. Poor Autumn and Spring. Why on earth would you want to share our little slice of paradise with other travellers though? So we're going to convince you to take some time off work and get on a plane bound for Kiwiland (in Autumn and Spring). 

1. Less waiting:

It's quieter, you can take your time and visit attractions and activities on a whim. You won't be line-barging and there won't be as many people at K-mart. Okay, maybe K-mart wasn't on the list to start with but ya catch my drift right? No long waits for the luge, Skytower, bungy jumping, flying foxing, canyon swinging and any other attractions that may tickle your fancy. If you're visiting New Zealand to discover our Great Walks, the quieter months are awesome as there are fewer people you have to share the tracks with! 

2. still beautiful:

Autumn and Spring can be beautiful too ya know! They can be equally as pretty as Summer or Winter. Witness tree-lined streets are littered with orange, red and yellow leaves in Autumn, or see the new Spring lambs between September and October, and the more temperate days of November. 

3. bang for your buck:

Because prices are down, down, down!!! It's simple economics people, when demand is high and supply is low, prices go up. When travelling in the low season, typically you can find some great deals! This means a happier, much healthier wallet. You'll have the ability to spend that budget somewhere else or save it for another trippy.  

4. take your time:

As there are fewer travellers around, generally people aren't in as much of a rush and you can enjoy the journey on the road. In the height of Summer, the roads are busy with travellers and locals heading to the beach or up the mountains in Winter! A roadie in the off season means you'll be able to appreciate the journey, the views and take your time. The roads will still be a little bit busy of course, but you won't have to contend with angry faces. This is a timely reminder that New Zealand drives to the left, so if it's your first time doing the switcheroo, make sure you're aware of your surroundings and fully focused on the drive. 

5. Not hot, not too cold:

Our Autumn and Spring aren't actually that bad comparatively (rough averages in the country between 7-21 degrees Celsius), which means it's usually not too hot or too cold. Depending on the year, sometimes the ski season in the South Island can overlap with Autumn and Spring, so head up the mountain if you've timed it right, or head up anyway and enjoy the epic views! Don't forget to bring a brolly (umbrella) with you on your travels though, as you never know when you'll get caught out in a sunshower. 

6. the best of both worlds:

Can't decide between the beanie or the t-shirt? Why not both!? During Autumn and Spring, pack both as sometimes the weather can be a little indifferent. If you do happen to pack the wrong clothes and it's warmer (or colder) than expected, it's a good excuse to hit the shops right? These seasons are the best to spice life up a bit and post all of those fashion selfies to the 'gram. 

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